Planter Planning

One recurring issue I have with container gardening is getting fullness.  I start out with the "Thriller, Spiller, Filler" formula and by month two the plants are leggy with one scraggly bloom.  

They're sad.  I'm sad.  And I feel guilty for taking them out of the container and starting all over in July.

I'm thinking of experimenting with using a Hosta as my filler.  As in this Hydrangea, Hosta, and Ivy combination.  

Hosta, fern, and ivy.  And some magic fertilizer.

This coleus and dragon begonia might be a little much for my front step.

"The Fed-Ex guy stepped onto my front porch a week ago and hasn't been seen since". 

Brainstorming is the ultimate snowy day activity.  It's snowing here.  Like, white-out conditions.  April 7th.  Grrrrr.....