May Windowbox

May is a tough month.  Too early to do any real gardening, yet there are the occasional 70 degree sunny days that make you want to get out to the garden and GET GOING.  So, I usually make a spring window box or container planter to have a little fun.

Before:  Ugly beat-up wood window box that looks as cheap as it is.  [Windowbox prices are a little crazy].   I did three coats of a slightly tinted exterior primer and was done.

After:  Pretty white window box to match the front porch with colorful Spring blooms.

Now the real fun begins: which plants will make it until June?

Using the "thriller, filler, spiller" method, these are the contenders.

The thriller:  DIPLADENIA.  This is a tropical plant, so we're starting off at a disadvantage.  It's hot pink blooms just lured me in.].  It supposed to get over 12" and 8" wide.  So it will certainly look like this by June:

The filler:  SNAPDRAGON.  These are promised to get 18-20" tall.  If I'm so lucky that they survive through May, I'll transplant them into the garden.


The spiller:  GULLIVER BACOPA.  This guy only gets 6" high, but 12-18" wide.  Fingers crossed.

There you have it.  I have never used any of these plants before, so I'm trying to think of it as a window box experiment rather than a suicide mission.

I'm sure by June I'll have something incredible.  

The below images are from window box wizards on the internet, not something I have even come close to replicating.